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We do prebuy inspections in our shop at O85 in Redding, CA, and also on the road.  If you need a prebuy inspection done on site at the aircraft location, we are mobile and can travel.  We do very thorough inspections of the airframe, engine (including borescope), and logbook records.  We will provide you with a professional inspection report at the end that you can use to negotiate with and make a good decision on your new aircraft purchase.  The money saved through negotiation after a thorough prebuy inspection is usually more than the cost of the prebuy itself!

See the example of a prebuy report below.  This is the type of detailed report you can expect to recieve at the end of your prebuy inspection.

Prebuy Inspection Report
Prepurchase Inspection
Pre-buy Inspection
Pre-purchase Inspection
Prebuy Inspection
Detailed Report
Aircraft Inspection
Aircraft Inspection Report
Aircraft Logbook Review
Aircraft Maintenance Records

Pre-Buy Inspection

Borescope Inspection
Borescope Cylinders
Borescope Engine
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