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Aircraft Fabric Cover / Repair

Poly Fiber
Aircraft Painting
Tube and Fabric
Fabric Work

We recover entire aircraft, or specific aircraft parts (wing, tail surface, fuselage...). Specializing in Stits Poly Fiber Method with the CubCrafters technique.  Using the CubCrafters technique when recovering your aircraft will produce a lighter and cleaner looking final product.  We will rib stitch, or rivet the fabric on per the customer's request.  Here at Meyerflyer Aviation, we pay attention to the small details during the process.  This is what will make your plane stand out from the rest!

We can also repair your damaged fabric.

Specialize in covering:

  • Piper Cubs

  • Carbon Cubs (Cub Crafters)

  • Other Tube/Fabric

  • Warbird Control Surfaces

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