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Avionics Upgrades

"This new glass is bad ass!"

Dynon Certified

We also provide avionics upgrades for general aviation aircraft.  We can preform basic installations (ADSB) as well as disassemble your entire instrument panel and update it with modern glass!

Meyerflyer Aviation is an Authorized Installation Center / Dealer for:

  • Dynon Certified

  • Avidyne

Dynon Certified

We specialize in Dynon Skyview HDX and Avidyne Installations.  We have completed several Dynon installations and highly recommend their equipment.  Dynon started out catering to the experimental market.  This allowed them to easily make changes and refine their product to meet their customers exact needs and to be very easy to learn and operate.   Once they formulated the perfect setup for the general aviation market, they did the work to get their equipment certified.  The Skyview HDX can pretty much do it all.  At the same time, Dynon units are very affordable to the general aviation community.

See Website Links Below:

  • Dynon Certified Official Website:

        Dynon Certified | Affordable Avionics For Certified Aircraft

  • Dynon Skyview HDX Approved Model List:

        Dynon Certified | Approved Model List

  • Highly recommend the Avidyne IFD440 for a Navigator.  Works well with Dynon and is a slide in replacement for the Garmin GNS430:

        IFD440 (

  • Highly recommend the Garmin GMA345 Audio Panel:

        Garmin GMA™ 345 | Aviation Audio Panel with Bluetooth®

  • Here is a link to a great YouTube video review for the Dynon HDX in operation:

        (6) Dynon Skyview in a Cherokee| HDX FULL REVIEW in flight and w/approach | BEST GLASS  PANEL EVER? - YouTube

*There are several aircraft models that the Dynon HDX is approved for, but the Dynon autopilot system is still in the works of getting approved.  For these aircraft the BendixKing Aero Cruze 100 autopilot system works well with the Dynon HDX, and is a great alternative until the Dynon autopilot system is approved.  Below is a link for the BendixKing Aero Cruze 100 Autopilot:

  • AeroCruze 100 | Cessna Automatic Pilot | Pacific Coast Avionics

  • Dynon Autopilot Approved Model List:

        Dynon Certified | Approved Model List


Cessna 180 Complete Panel Upgrade

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